Friday, February 5, 2010

Roles and Titles

I just saw this post on the Yahoo extreme programming group (my emphases):

I came across a while ago sth like below:
"to code is easy; to come up with what to code is hard."
To come up with what to code is the job of requirements analysts. So in most cases the wrong is not with coders but with requirements analysts. If requirements analysts were doing a good job, most, if not all, coders would be doing a good job.

Would you think there's any chance the poster works in an Agile environment?

Earlier today I  was phone-screened by a very friendly and smart guy from a consulting company who introduced himself as a technical architect.  He said he does pure architecture sometimes and hands-on development other times.  He later explained that Agile and Waterfall are per-client and per-project-lead options.

I've been a supervisor and a project lead. I was a manager once. I've been offered architect positions, but....

I'm a developer.

And a floorsweeper.

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