Monday, March 29, 2010

Anything wrong with this picture? - 2

"Our team was perfectly aware that we sold scareware," says a translator who worked for the company in Kiev in 2008. "The manager never made a big mystery of that." The team the translator was part of had 10 staff and 15 freelancers to translate the text of IM's products into 28 languages. "Not everyone was happy about it, but money is money," the translator says. IM was paying around 60 per cent more than similar jobs elsewhere offered.

A mid-level employee, who left three years ago after realising what the company was doing, says that initially IM employed skilled developers to create genuine products. As managers became increasingly concerned with making money, quality declined and the fake scans came into use.

Roughly half the people working there knew the full story, says the employee, but again money talked. "There were a lot of young people working there who did not care about the product. They just took their salaries."

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