Thursday, October 29, 2015

Drive By Dialectics - Part 2

(Not @tottinge)

Part 1 stirred up a bit of a fuckstorm,  which surprised me less than how quickly it became a reasonable conversation.

Nobody cited the post as a LackOfGodwin violation, probably because there's no such thing yet. Maybe if I continue along this historically material path, there will be one.

But to be a little less inflammatory (get the Red out!), here's an analogy that's pretty much structurally identical:


(Party [Über]Animal)

A small group that communicates well doesn't need a non-performing leader. The key term there is not "small" but "communicates well".  There are conductorless orchestras, some of which are not particularly small.

Like a priest, the traditional conductor is believed to channel the sacred intention of the composer.

My role model, Charles Mingus - photo by David Redfern

Mingus could be as hard on his bands as any OberMusikenFührer in Germany, but he was also a great bassist and composer.

Got distracted by Mingus. Where was I? Casting aspersions on Scrum? What's the point? Sure, I'm a downtrodden victim of False Scotsman Scrum, but I live in Chicago. Do I have to tell you about my mayor? Worse than even False Scotsman Scrum.

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