Friday, May 21, 2010

Agile Manifesto Reprise - This Time it's Personal

Stole this from Ron Jeffries and I'm posting the whole thing cuz it's my story too except for maybe the cars:

>    Where will YOU be in 3 years?
Well, in my case I want to be alive and in good mental and physical

Looking back over various places I might have "wanted" to be, here's
what I think today: 

I thought I wanted promotions, to be given more "power" as a
recognition of how good I was. This reflected the organization I was
in, which valued power. I was wrong. I didn't get a lot of joy from
power. I did get joy from being able to solve harder and larger
problems by having more people working on them with me. 

I thought I wanted more money. This reflected my good taste in cars,
and has certainly given me some pleasure. However, the highest
paying jobs I have had were also the least pleasurable, and
ultimately my lack of pleasure in them caused me to perform poorly. 

I thought I wanted more women. You can imagine how that worked out. 

I thought I wanted to be like people I admired. Many of them were
major jerks (even more so than I am naturally) and emulating them
did not serve me well. 

What I want, today, is to spend every possible moment doing things
that I enjoy, with people I enjoy doing them with. I enjoy doing
things that I do well, and things where I can sense that I am
improving. I enjoy doing things that other people appreciate. 

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